Ageing units

Test instruments for accelerated photoageing in dry conditions: SEPAP 12.24 (30), SEPAP MHE (2)
Test instruments for accelerated photoageing in presence of water: SEPAP 12.24H (3)
Test instruments for ultra acceleration: SEPAP 50.24 (2), SEPAP MHE (2)
Test instruments for simulation of environmental stresses: Weather-O-Meter ATLAS CI4000 (1)
Climate test chambers:  Vötsch VC 4034 (2), Secasi SLH34 (6)
Aerated ovens for thermoageing experiments: 12
Reactors for hydrolytic ageing in presence of oxygen: 7
Dynamic and Fatigue Test System: Instron ElectroPuls model E10000 (10KN)

Analysis equipments


FTIR spectrophotometers: NICOLET IS10, NICOLET 800, NICOLET NEXUS and NICOLET IS50
FTIR spectrophotometer with Photo-Acoustic Detection (PAS):  MTEC 200 detector on NICOLET 6700
FTIR spectrophotometers with ATR Detection in the thunderdome mode:  Germanium detector on NICOLET MAGNA IR 860 and Diamond detector on PerkinElmer Spectrum 100
Micro-FTIR spectrophotometers: NICOLET 800 with IR microscope NICPLAN and NICOLET IS50 with IR motorised microscope Continµum
FTIR spectrophotometer: PerkinElmer Spectrum 100 with Imaging System Spotlight 400
Raman-TF spectrophotometer and micro Raman-TF spectrophotometer NICOLET 910 with Nd YV04 Laser (1064nm)
UV-visible absorption spectrophotometers equipped with an integration sphere: PERKIN-ELMER Lambda 5, HITACHI U3310 and PERKIN-ELMER 650S
Micro-spectrofluorimeter HITACHI U6000 equipped with microscope OLYMPUS BHT
Spectrocolorimeter HITACHI U3310 and PERKIN-ELMER 650S
Spectrophotometer: MINOLTA Cm600d
Colorimeter:  MINOLTA CR 300
Brillancemeter: MINOLTA GM 060



Microscope:  OLYMPUS VANOX AHMT 3 equipped with SONY video camera, LEICA Leitz DMRX with computerized acquisition and Stereo-Microscope Zeiss Stemi 2000C with Axiocam camera
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS Nanoscope III



Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) WATERS 150 ALC
Gaz phase chromatography with DCI DELSI NERMAG
GPC with pyrolysor DELSI 75 PYI
GC/MS/FID Shimadzu equipped with liquid and thermodesorber/pyrolyser injectors


Mechanical properties

Taber abrasimeter
Charpy sheep pendulum
Roughness shore A et D
Scratch test



O2 permeability of films and packaging samples (variable temperature and humidity) OXTRAN 2/20HL
Carbonic gaz, oxygen and nitrogen simultaneous permeability of films (variable temperature, only dry gaz)
Steam permeability of films and packaging samples (temperature and humidity variables) PERMATRAN W3/33


Caracterisation means

Melt index (fluidity grad) ZWICH/ROELL 4106
Differential calorimeter (D.S.C.)
Rotating viscosimeter with gradual speed
Karl Fischer METTLER DL18
Karl Fischer coulometer METTLER DL39
Apparatus for determining PET water content
Microtome LEICA 2055
Cryogenic microtome (Liquid Nitrigen) LEICA 2065
Miten oven CARBOLITE
Colorimeter MINOLTA CR 300
Brightness meter MINOLTA GM 060


Diverse equipments on the Campus Universitaire des Cézeaux (Université Blaise Pascal and ENSCCF)

Liquid phase emission spectroscopy
NMR high field