Operating procedures of the CNEP with Foreign companies

CNEP addresses industrial problems which have an original character:

– by the nature of the polymer
– by the formulation
– by the nature of the constraints suffered use
– or by the identity of the industrial company or public institution.

The objective CNEP develop an experimental activity in the short term (3 months) to solve the problem. This experimental activity is performed as follows:

The problem is presented to the CNEP by a rapid means of communication (phone, Fax, E-Mail).

Almost immediately after analysis of the problem, CNEP address a quote in which he engages with accountability for results, indicating the experimental techniques that will engage (and duration).

A detailed study report, which shall include critical documents, is sent at the end of activity. The invoice is attached to the report.

The results are obtained according the CNEP quality system (certified ISO 9001:2008).